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Pushing The Limits

Our guy TommyDxxx brought us something from his personal collection. Your favorite hunk, Tommy, found himself a new guy to bang and as you can’t see he didn’t have any mercy on that ass. Everything too place in a hotel room after an intense night of partying. We all know how those nights usually end and for Tommy Dxxx things went just like that and the stud had a little friend that stayed over that night. The night started the best way as these two were both plastered and in the mood for some backdoor action. They found one another pretty easily in the room and kicked things off just as fast. A quick chat and here they are in Tommy’s hotel room busy getting naked and wanking off one another’s dick in front of the rolling camera.

Both of them completely forgot about the camera as they were too busy blowing and banging their asses, so that’s a pretty good excuse. They kept it all on the bed so we got a pretty good view of it all during the entire scene. We know that you are as eager as we were to see it all and you won’t regret it, you can be sure about that. Seeing these two slamming their asses is going to be the best thing you are going to see today. So if you want to see Tommy pushing his limits you must see the entire scene!


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