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TommyDxxx – Doctor’s Orders

Respecting the doctor’s order is important and TommyDxxx knows that better. That’s why this time he tried to keep it low and let the other guy to all the work, but as you can see that didn’t really happen because as soon as he saw his dick he knew that he had to suck it off. Poor Tommy, with all these hot guys around here it is really hard for him to keep it in his pants. But no worries he is under strict supervision because the guy you see him blowing is actually his doctor. So he’s on the best hands and as you can see his doctor’s taking really good care of his favorite patient. Tommy was getting a home consultation when it all started and his doctor was a bit too hands on him. He wasn’t going to let his patient get away so easily.

So instead of getting a consultation he ended up getting his dick jerked off, and this was just the beginning. Things escalated from this point on and you guys aren’t going to believe just how nasty they got. The kinky doctor didn’t stop there and soon after he was busy undressing sexy Tommy Dxxx and jerking off his dick. Tommy’s schedule of resting in bed can wait a few more hours until the doc is done with him. Enjoy it and we’ll return soon with another amazing update for you guys so stay close. See you tomorrow!


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