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TommyDxxx – The Break In

This is what happens if you piss off TommyDxxx. Look at this guy butt naked getting his ass pounded by him. This guy picked the wrong house to rob, first of all Tommy was home and secondly he loves fucking guys, so this guy is going to have a lot of fun. Tommy caught this guy as he was trying to sneak in the house and he wasn’t too pleased about it, that’s for sure. He didn’t even try to talk to the guy instead he pushed him against the wall and started taking off his clothes. It wasn’t too hard for the robber to pick, he either went to the police station of he would get his ass pounded. In wasn’t to hard to figure out what he picked, just look at the preview below.

So the guy let Tommy do whatever he wanted with him and we had so much fun checking it all out. Tommy was straight forward with him and after telling him that is was either this or the cops, he then continued with his. Tommy undressed the guy, took off all of his clothes and after he faced him to the wall, he started nailing that tight little ass. This is why it’s a bad thing to steal or to enter someone else’s house without them knowing it. Tommy taught this guy a lesson he won’t forget too soon. Stay tuned because we got a lot more to share!


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