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The New Guy

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back to a new TommyDxxx scene featuring more hot hunks all eager to get down and dirty with one another. And just like the title says, there’s a new guy that needs to have that sweet ass broken in for this afternoon for sure. That’s why we tasked another stud from around here to get to teach him all he needs to know and of course you can see it all go down in front of the cameras this afternoon with the two of them fucking one another nice and hard just for you to see and enjoy. So yeah, let those cameras roll and let’s see some more amazing and deep anal fucking this fine day shall we guys?

They take the time to get to know each other better in the living room on a nice leather chair and before you know it, both of them practically throw off their clothes. It looks like the new guy is as eager to fuck today as the other stud is eager to teach and there’s no way you should skip over this featured scene. Watch the new guy demonstrating his oral prowess on TommyDxxx ‘s cock as he has him hard in no time with his juicy lips and then watch him practically riding that cock for the rest of the scene. We’re sure that you will adore it and there will be more to get to see next week too. Until then goodbye and have fun!

The New Guy

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TommyDxxx – The Break In

This is what happens if you piss off TommyDxxx. Look at this guy butt naked getting his ass pounded by him. This guy picked the wrong house to rob, first of all Tommy was home and secondly he loves fucking guys, so this guy is going to have a lot of fun. Tommy caught this guy as he was trying to sneak in the house and he wasn’t too pleased about it, that’s for sure. He didn’t even try to talk to the guy instead he pushed him against the wall and started taking off his clothes. It wasn’t too hard for the robber to pick, he either went to the police station of he would get his ass pounded. In wasn’t to hard to figure out what he picked, just look at the preview below.

So the guy let Tommy do whatever he wanted with him and we had so much fun checking it all out. Tommy was straight forward with him and after telling him that is was either this or the cops, he then continued with his. Tommy undressed the guy, took off all of his clothes and after he faced him to the wall, he started nailing that tight little ass. This is why it’s a bad thing to steal or to enter someone else’s house without them knowing it. Tommy taught this guy a lesson he won’t forget too soon. Stay tuned because we got a lot more to share!


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Tommy and Douglas

Hey guys and welcome back for more TommyDxxx gay porn scenes. As you can already see Tommy got a bit busy sucking off Douglas’s big dick. Tommy had his way with these guys and he always finds them in the weirdest places. When was the last time you came home with another guy from a grocery store? Not his phone number, with him. Well this is just how lucky Tommy is and we are really happy for him. This guy is actually working there and after helping Tommy with his groceries he insisted on helping him carry them to his house. There instead of a tip, Tommy thought to give him something else. He’s young, hot and Tommy is horny as fuck, so why not? He didn’t have anything else to do today anyway.

The cute guy was up for it and here they are in the bedroom, undressing one another and starting to jerk off one another’s dick. Horny Tommy had his mouth stuffed most of the time and if it wasn’t his mouth than his ass was the one taking that hard dick. If you don’t know what a proper pounding looks like you must see this. No one does it as like Tommy Dxxx and everyone agrees with us, so you better check it all out. See you guys next time with more gay porn scenes, we have so many more scenes ready for you guys. Enjoy it!


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TommyDxxx – POV Suck Off

Today it’s all about our boy TommyDxxx and we say that because all you are going to see in this scene is him. The guy that Tommy is sucking off is recording everything, so we have on our hands a POV scene. It’s nothing better than seeing our hot hunk getting his pretty face all covered up with jizz. We don’t need to tell you guys that he did an amazing job, you’ll get to see that in the scene below. It’s been a while since the last time we only saw Tommy in action and this one is going to keep you busy for a bit. No one loves sucking off dicks as much as Tommy Dxxx and you are going to see that in the scene below. But Tommy isn’t stopping there, he’s going all the way and his ass is next in line to get drilled.

This POV is just getting hotter and hotter and the best part gotta be seeing him getting that fine ass of his roughly hammered by the guy recording it all. So in this scene we are going to see a lot of Tommy and it’s gonna be like you were right there. We know that you want to see Tommy in action that’s why we brought you the entire scene below and a hot video too. Until next time be sure to take a look at some of the older updates too. See you tomorrow with another scene!


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The Opportunity Taker

These twinks know how to make the best out of every opportunity and so does TommyDxxx, especially when we are talking about the possibility of a threesome. When was the last you saw Tommy fucking two guys in the same scene? It’s been awhile right? This is why you are going to love this one, seeing him taking turns on hammering these younger guys is going to make all that waiting worth it. These two are a couple and as you can see they don’t shy away from trying out new things or even involving more people in their sex life, the more the merrier. This is the perfect situation for Tommy because let’s face it, it’s been a while since the last threesome and no one is turning down two hot twinks.


So the opportunity taker, Tommy Dxxx, worked his magic until he got these two at his place and there the cute young teens had a night they won’t forget too soon. The horny couple took turns on pleasing Tommy and they begun by sucking off his dick to get it nice and hard for their fine asses. You weren’t expecting them to leave without an intense ass fucking session. There is a lot to check out in this one but it will be all worth it. This was all for today so be sure you return for more. See you guys next time with more from Tommy and his gay adventures!

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TommyDxxx – Just Sex

We all know that it’s never just sex with TommyDxxx, it’s so much more! The hot blonde jock is back and he didn’t come empty-handed, he got for us his latest scene that you guys can see below. This preview speaks for itself and as you can see Tommy was the one fucking the youngster this time but this doesn’t mean that he didn’t get his perfect ass pounded as well. There is a lot going on and we are going to walk you through it all, so you don’t miss a thing. The hot younger guy is a friend of a friend and he needed a place to crash for a few nights. Tommy, being such a good guy, offered a roof over his head but it wasn’t completely free because he wanted something in return and he eventually convinces the guy to get on board with his idea.

It’s not like anyone had to know about their little affair, it was going to stay just between those walls and between all of us. Tommy Dxxx let the guy settle in before he made any moves, he didn’t want to scare the poor guy. But he might look innocent but once the cameras were turned on you are going to see a whole new side of him as he is busy sucking off and riding Tommy’s dick. In case you want to see more you know what to do! We’ll see you tomorrow with another one!


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Pushing The Limits

Our guy TommyDxxx brought us something from his personal collection. Your favorite hunk, Tommy, found himself a new guy to bang and as you can’t see he didn’t have any mercy on that ass. Everything too place in a hotel room after an intense night of partying. We all know how those nights usually end and for Tommy Dxxx things went just like that and the stud had a little friend that stayed over that night. The night started the best way as these two were both plastered and in the mood for some backdoor action. They found one another pretty easily in the room and kicked things off just as fast. A quick chat and here they are in Tommy’s hotel room busy getting naked and wanking off one another’s dick in front of the rolling camera.

Both of them completely forgot about the camera as they were too busy blowing and banging their asses, so that’s a pretty good excuse. They kept it all on the bed so we got a pretty good view of it all during the entire scene. We know that you are as eager as we were to see it all and you won’t regret it, you can be sure about that. Seeing these two slamming their asses is going to be the best thing you are going to see today. So if you want to see Tommy pushing his limits you must see the entire scene!


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TommyDxxx – Flooded Mouth

TommyDxxx is not done, not yet so get ready for another great one. These two horny jocks got caught up sucking one another’s dick and nailing their asses in today’s update. We told you last time this is going to be another great one to see, because let’s face it, all of them are great. Every time you see Tommy Dxxx name you know this is going to be a great update and this one is one of those. The hot jock found a new jock to fuck with and this one is literally up to anything and is willing to try out everything Tommy wants. As you could tell everything took place at Tommy’s house, on his rug to be more precise.

These two couldn’t make to the bedroom so the floor was good enough. Tommy and his new buddy spent quite some time blowing one another’s dick and flooding those filthy mouth with nasty jizz before they got to pound their asses. But no worries you are going to see that too in the picture below. The two hunks did it all and you are going to love every second of it. Seeing them getting those fine asses pounded is going to make your day a lot better. You get to see it all in the picture gallery below and make sure you tell us what you think about it. See you guys next time with another steamy gay update!


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Pool Fun Time

TommyDxxx had a little fun around the pool the other day and we wasn’t alone. The hot hunk he’s sucking off in the preview below is his cute next door neighbor that came over to help him out. He went outside next to the pool to relax and decided to have a barbecue. But he couldn’t do it all by himself and luckily for him his neighbor was right there ready to help him out. But his help wasn’t cheap because now Tommy Dxxx had to repay him for his hard work and he did it the best way. No gay guy is going to turn down a blowjob, that’s a fact and this guys isn’t going to be the first one to do that. But let’s face it both of them wanted it so it was just a matter of time until one of them made a move on the other one.


It wasn’t the best place to do it all but no one else was there so the guys are safe. But in case other neighbors were around they had a show they won’t forget too soon. You gotta see these two blowing one another and banging their asses too. We got a lot of great shots so get ready to get your mind blown by these two in action. Tommy gives it all for you guys so be sure to stay tuned because we got a lot more to share with you guys. Until next time you can see some of the older updates as well!

Watch here Tommy sucking off this guy’s dick!

TommyDxxx – Doctor’s Orders

Respecting the doctor’s order is important and TommyDxxx knows that better. That’s why this time he tried to keep it low and let the other guy to all the work, but as you can see that didn’t really happen because as soon as he saw his dick he knew that he had to suck it off. Poor Tommy, with all these hot guys around here it is really hard for him to keep it in his pants. But no worries he is under strict supervision because the guy you see him blowing is actually his doctor. So he’s on the best hands and as you can see his doctor’s taking really good care of his favorite patient. Tommy was getting a home consultation when it all started and his doctor was a bit too hands on him. He wasn’t going to let his patient get away so easily.

So instead of getting a consultation he ended up getting his dick jerked off, and this was just the beginning. Things escalated from this point on and you guys aren’t going to believe just how nasty they got. The kinky doctor didn’t stop there and soon after he was busy undressing sexy Tommy Dxxx and jerking off his dick. Tommy’s schedule of resting in bed can wait a few more hours until the doc is done with him. Enjoy it and we’ll return soon with another amazing update for you guys so stay close. See you tomorrow!


Take a look at these jocks blowing one another’s dick!