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Teasing Hayden F

Time for another TommyDXXX update and we have a treat for you this time. This week Tommy got to have a chat with Hayden F another co worker in the gay porn industry and he really wanted to try and get the guy all to himself for one afternoon. Hayden agreed since he himself is always looking to get a good day’s fucking done every time he gets a chance, just like hot gay Trystan Bull. So it wasn’t really to much to think about Tommy’s proposition. They settled a date to shoot some Tommy DXXX videos and with that they were all set to get fucking. The big day came and everything was prepared. And Tommy was really looking forward to this since he wanted to fuck Hayden for some time now.

So as they get started with the shoot, they get all naked and take their spots on the set. Like all successful sessions start, this one begins with Hayden getting down and dirty and starting to suck on Tommy’s sizable dick for a nice starter. After he’s all nice and hard Hayed presents his ass for the next part, and Tommy immediately gets ready to penetrate him. Watch Tommy giving a good ass fucking at today and see the thorough and balls deep anal fucking that commences between the two. We hope you enjoy and we’ll see you once again next week with even more. See you then guys and stay tuned.


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