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Tommy DXXX – Hardcore anal with Paul Wagner

Tommy DXXX is here once more and he came back to fuck some asses today. This time he’s joined by Paul Wagner and they intend to show off some truly hard core boycrush fucking for the camera today. Paul came by Tommy’s place to spend some time just having fun this afternoon and Tommy was really eager as well since he knew that the things would naturally evolve into a hard style fuck session in this video between the two. As Paul reaches Tommy’s place they get some beers and catch up to what they’ve been doing lately. Afterwards the two feeling rather bored, went down to the gym room to pass some more time in this fine day.

At one point though, Josh makes a bet that Tommy wouldn’t lift a pretty difficult weight. Tommy feeling rather confident, takes him up on the offer and takes the chalange. Amazingly he does it, but Josh didn’t say what he’d receive for a prize, so Tommy decided to choose for himself whatever he wanted. He loves fucking tight assholes, just like the guys from the blog, and since the day was still long Tommy decided that he wanted to take Paul’s ass for one nice and hard ride. So without further due, sit back and watch as Tommy pounds that tight ass at with his big cock today to your and Paul’s enjoyment. As always we hope you enjoyed and we’ll see you next time with more. Bye guys!


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