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Muscles and Cock

Muscles and cocks got to be the perfect combination and TommyDxxx knows that better than anyone. Just look at the hunk he just brought home and is busy hammering his ass in the preview below! Tommy knows his guys and this is the best proof of that. The hot hunk also knows that the best place to find these guys gotta be the gym so there’s where he went and found this one. The great thing about gyms is that everyone helps everyone so it wasn’t too hard to start talking with this one over here. It’s a bit risky with them because you can’t really tell who’s into guys or not, but the moment the hunk invited him to a beer afterward it was a done deal.

The guys end up having that beer at his place and soon after the guy was butt naked on his living room table, legs up and taking Tommy’s dick deep up his ass. We weren’t expecting to see Tommy with such a hunk, because this one really is a hunk, just look at the massive body. So yes, muscles and cocks really do work great together. The ripped gym hunk loves getting his ass pounded and this seemed a good day to do just that. Be sure you guys all check it out and let us know what you think about it. See you guys tomorrow with another Tommy Dxxx gay update. Enjoy it!


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TommyDxxx – Dick Tasting

TommyDxxx had a private session of dick tasting the other night and you all invited to it. You know how much Tommy loves younger guys so he wasn’t going to miss the chance to bang his ass. But let us walk you thought the dick tasting session and how these two ended up here. Nowadays is really easy to find a hunk and Tommy just got that lucky this time. The youngster was in the same pub and Tommy ended up taking him home, who thought that you can find such hot guys at such boring events? Anyway after this one we think both of them had a pretty good night. Tommy couldn’t wait to get his hands on that tight ass and the youngster didn’t let him down.

They kicked it off the moment they got into the house so here you have them on the couch busy taking off all of their clothes and jerking off their dicks. Now the actual dick tasting can begin and Tommy had the honour to start it all. The youngster had it all and that included a big for Tommy to play with. If you check out the pictures below you will get to see the actual dick tasting and you are going to see Tommy getting that pretty face of his all covered up with jizz and a lot more. We told you that this one is going to be a great one so be sure to check it out.


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In Manson’s Ass

TommyDxxx got busy with hot Mason the other day and he insisted on sharing it with you guys. The hot jock finally found the perfect guy for him and as you can see he couldn’t get enough of his fat dick. You guys must know Mason and you all know how hot he is, so this the perfect match up. But there was one more things that Tommy was interested in besides his fat dick and that was his perfect ass. All he could think about was how to get there faster and fuck him. It isn’t to hard to guess where Tommy spend most of his time! The ripped jocks took turned on pleasing one another and you get to see it all. Mason was in charge of it all and he played a bit with Tommy.

Both of them wanted the same but Mason wasn’t going to give it so easily. So you are about to see Tommy work his ass off until he couldn’t finally pound Mason’s fine ass. But it was all worth it because at the end of the day he still got what he wanted and that was to bang hot Mason’s ass. Below you got a little preview just to give you an idea of what is happening here, but there is a lot more that you must check out so be sure to follow the link to see the entire thing. Hope you guys enjoy it and we’ll return tomorrow with more!


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TommyDxxx – Deep Throating

We know how much you missed TommyDxxx and that’s why we brought another amazing gay update. The jock had some one on one fun and by that we mean that he was busy deep throating this guy’s hard dick for most of the time. You just can’t get bored with him and this is another proof of that. We are not used to see Tommy so eager to please other guys so something happened with him today. The jock had his eyes on him for a really long time so we can understand why we was so willing to try out everything this guy wanted and he didn’t hold back from too many things. Tommy always gets what he wants one way or another and this time we think everyone got something out of it.

Our hot guy Tommy didn’t stop there, so after seeing deep throat this guy’s junk get ready to see him taking it up that tight little ass of his. Yeah, Tommy did it all in this one and you can see it all in the free picture gallery we got for you guys. We weren’t expecting less from our gay hunk Tommy Dxxx and you guys get to see it all below from blowjobs to ass rimming and ass fucking. This was all today so make sure you check it all out and stay tuned for more steamy updates. Enjoy it and stay tuned for more!


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Cum For A New Friend

TommyDxxx got busy with another hot guy in this latest update. The two hot ripped hunks had a great time sucking off one another’s dick and you guys get to see it all in the preview below. These two kicked things off pretty fast and as you are going to see their hands were the first to come off. These two couldn’t keep their hands off each other and they jumped right to the fun part as soon as the hit the bed. Things are only going to get hotter and hotter so make sure you check it all out. Our hot hunk, Tommy, was the first to start it all and you are going to see him getting busy with the guy’s dick, jerking him off. But we all know that is just the beginning for these two jocks.

Just wait until you get to see them taking turns on one another’s ass, shoving their dicks deeper and deeper in one another’s ass and dumping their loads too. These two don’t play around and we already know that you are going to love it as much as we did when we saw it. Tommy Dxxx surprised us again with another amazing update and you guys can check it all out in the gallery below so don’t be shy. This was all for today and we are going to return tomorrow with more hot gay sex scene for you guys so stay tuned!


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TommyDxxx – Cum Covered

TommyDxxx had some one on one fun with his cute plumber and you guys get to see it all in the scene below. Tommy has the best of luck when it’s related to guys, just look at the hot plumper he’s jerking off. He had some problems with his kitchen pipes so he called for a plumber and when he opened door he saw this hot hunk. This is going to be a great day as you can already see. The ripped jock did his job in the kitchen and while he was working Tommy couldn’t stop staring at him. He was just too fine to ignore and he knew that one way or another he was going to get his hands on that hot body.

Tommy Dxxx was caught off guard when the plumber made the first move and soon after that here you have them, butt naked on the kitchen counter taking turns on one another. Tommy just couldn’t believe his luck. In the scene below you are going to see Tommy jerking off and blowing the cute plumber’s fat dick and you guys also get to see your favorite hunk getting cum covered. There is a lot happening in this one so be sure you check it all out. You wouldn’t want to miss him out while he gets his fine ass pounded on the kitchen counter. That got to be the best part of it all. See it all below!


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Breaking In The New Guys

Get ready because TommyDxxx is back with another intense threesome. Nothing is slowing down our hunk, just look at him sucking and fucking these two cute guys in the preview below. Tommy always tries to keep things interesting for you guys and that’s why he had to share this with you guys. If you’ve been around here you know that this doesn’t happen too often, seeing Tommy with two other guys so make sure you check it all out. Having two other guys around Tommy Dxxx sure made things a lot more interesting and seeing these three taking turns on pleasing one another is something you shouldn’t miss out. Three horny hunks in the same room, something good has to come out of this.

The hunks took turns on sucking one another’s dick and riding them and like we said before there’s a lot happening in these gay threesome sex scenes. Tommy found himself these three younger guys that were horny as hell and he made sure that the guys were pleased. So don’t miss them out sucking off their dicks and riding one another and most of it happens in the same time. So don’t waste any more time and check out the entire scene we have prepared for you guys below and make sure you tell us what you think about it. Enjoy it adn stay close because we have a lot more prepared for you guys. See you soon!


Take a look at these jocks blowing one another’s dick!

TommyDxxx – Blowjob City

Having TommyDxxx around makes things a lot more interesting and every time he finds a hot guy to bang. So it’s a win win situation for all of us. This time Tommy ended up banging his cute new housemate. He had a spare room around the house and thought to rent to someone and that was a great idea. Once Tommy posted the ad the phone started ringing and after a few busy days of check out the interested guys he finally made his pick. There was something about this guy that Tommy really liked and the other he found out what that thing was. Tommy saw his cute housemate getting out the shower butt naked and then he knew that he picked the right guy.

From that point on it was just a matter of time until he got his hands on him. The new guy played hard to get at first but that changed the other day. Tommy Dxxx waited for the guy until he was out of the shower and made sure he wasn’t going to get away from him this time. Tommy waited for him butt naked and so was he so it was only thing that they could do and you get to see that in the preview below. This was something new for Tommy but we gotta give it to him, it was amazing seeing that fine ass getting pounded. See it all in the gallery below and stay close for more!


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A Massive Cum Blast

Yes, TommyDxxx found a new fuck toy and he wants to share it with you guys. Tommy couldn’t miss the opportunity to bang another fresh ass and you can see that in the preview below. The ripped jock found this one at a bar the other night. He was complaining about some money issues so Tommy, the good guy that he is, offered to help him out. But he wasn’t going to give this guy the money without asking for something in return. Of course, Tommy had to ask for a piece of that fine ass. It’s not like the guy had too many options so here you have him at Tommy’s place butt naked ready to take that hard dick up his fine little ass.

At first, we thought the dude was straight but turns out that we all got it wrong. We think this was money well spent and Tommy fucked the hell out of him for the money and you can see it for yourself in the update below. Don’t be fooled by the preview there is still a lot that you gotta check out and that’s why we got a really nice picture gallery prepared for you guys. This was all for today but make sure you return for more steamy updates from your favorite hunk Tommy Dxxx and his gay sex adventures. Enjoy this one and tell us what you think about it! See youg guys next time.


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TommyDXXX, Doug & Billy

TommyDxxx had some friends over the other day and as you can see things went pretty well. Tommy, Doug and Billy had a blast blowing and banging their asses in front of the rolling camera and as always you guys have the best place in the house to see it all. These three jocks don’t need to much to get things started and as soon as that happens you are going to have your mind blown by just how dirty things are going to get. Everything happen in Tommy’s bedroom where the guys made themselves comfortable and as soon as the camera stared rolling the party begun. In this one you are going to see a lot of dick sucking, ass rimming and of course some intense ass pounding as well. There is a lot of gay action to follow so don’t hurry anywhere!

The best part is that there are three guys in this one so there is a lot that happens in the same time, because these three aren’t too good at waiting and you are going to see that for yourself in the gallery below. Tommy Dxxx is the guy that started it all and the guys happily followed his lead. So, like we said earlier, make yourself comfortable and get ready to see one of the hottest scenes we’ve seen in a really long time. You can find all the dirt in the gallery below so be sure to check it out. Enjoy!


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